An Archive for the People

Sep 25, 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed inequalities in society and changed every aspect of our daily lives. More than two years since the pandemic began, the world is still changing rapidly and we want to hear about your experiences during this tumultuous time. Sharing your story will help us tell Saskatchewan’s story of the pandemic and highlight opportunities to rebuild more equitably.

We welcome submissions about your recent and daily experience in a variety of forms – photographs, social media posts, videos, creative projects, e-mails, blog entries, journals, personal reflections, and more. Your contributions do not need to be polished, finished works: your perspective on this experience is the more important element, and this documentation will form part of the raw material for studying and understanding this pandemic.

If you are interested in adding content to the COVID-19 Community Archive, first create an account. Then you can add content through our submission form.