Remember Rebuild Saskatchewan

Documenting the wider impacts of COVID-19 through data and stories.

Our Work

We are documenting the pandemic’s effect on health equity across Saskatchewan through data and stories. Understanding wellbeing means exploring access to housing, food security, mental health, and substance use. Our project is gathering information about these sensitive topics through data, stories, and web archiving. By comprehensively documenting the impact of COVID-19 in Saskatchewan, we remember, and we contribute to rebuilding Saskatchewan.

Data for Post-Pandemic Health Equity

Data for Post-Pandemic

Health Equity

Stories about COVID-19

Stories about COVID-19



It has been over two years since the pandemic began and many of us are emotionally and physically tired. If you feel like you need support, we’ve collected some options to get you started.

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The success of this project depends on the insights of community partners and healthcare workers. Please consider joining us and sharing your story.